April 2019 Divcome

April is over and I’m ready for that elusive three-paycheck month of May! Below is the dividend income received from last month:

BNS – 25.85

CAH – 16.67

GWRS – 3.58

ITW – 15.00

JJSF – 10.00

MKC – 11.40

NJR – 19.01

O – 10.17

WMT – 14.84

XEL – 20.25

April Total: $146.77

Total Companies: 10

Month Increase YoY: 8.4%

Company Watchlist: ABBV, AVGO, ATO, CVS, MMM, ROL, T

April purchases:

13 – ABBV @ $80.82 (existing position)

50 – WRK @ $35.60 (new position)

**These new buys had yields of around 5% which is well above the average yield of the brokerage portfolio.


6 thoughts on “April 2019 Divcome

    1. Greetings! Thanks for the comment. I meant a new position in that it’s a company/stock that I haven’t owned before. And yes, receiving dividends every month. Most companies pay every few months, while some like O pay every month, it all sort of balances out in a year. Have a great day!


  1. Hey – Stumbled across your blog as was looking to see if anyone in the FIRE community was focusing more so on dividend income. Currently my nestegg in mostly global ETF’s but dabbling with dividend stocks in the UK – some have seen some pretty turbulent ups and downs in capital (but still remain to pay high dividends).

    Do you invest solely in US / Canadian stocks or venture outside? What’s the typical % dividend return that you aim for?



    1. Greetings! Awesome yeah I’m a fan of both the dividend income and ETF/index approach. Mainly invest in North American companies but many of them do a lot of business worldwide so it captures some of that market. My online brokerage portfolio dividend yield is around 3% but typical aim for 3.5-4%. Have been known to go above or below that depending on type of company and dividend growth rate.

      Thanks for the comment will try and check out your blog soon!


    1. Greetings DivHut! Thanks, still liking ABBV at these levels here. Not sure on IP, like WRK seems to be in a sector that trades at lower multiples due to growth. Valuations just seemed a little too low, but no current plans to increase exposure. There’s no shortage of high yielders out there right now!

      Best Regards and big fan of the site you’ve got over there!


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