May 2019 Divcome

Well…we made it! The month of May was certainly interesting as the US market lost almost 7%. However, given the run up earlier this year, it wasn’t a total surprise that stocks gave back some of their gains. I’m looking forward to what June will bring and planning on making a couple purchases again as some of the recent declines created some value.

Below is the dividend income received during last month: (Values are in USD)

ABBV – 34.24

ALLY – 10.20

APD – 13.92

CAT – 20.64

CL – 12.04

CLX – 15.36

CVS – 15.00

GIS – 61.25

GWRS – 3.58

O – 10.17

PG – 14.17

T – 33.15

WCN – 5.28

WRK – 22.75


May Total: $271.75

Total Companies: 14

Month Increase YoY: 42.9%

Company Watchlist: ABBV, AVGO, CVS, LOW, MMM, ROL, T

May purchases:

10 – MMM @ 169.88 (new position)

5 – AVGO @ $256.70 (new position)

**Tried to catch some falling knifes this month…as both companies have had a lot of negative headlines recently. Will most likely add to these two in June if they keep falling – nice yields and well off their highs.

The almost 43% increase from last year was exciting but will be tough to keep that growth rate going!

Are you looking at putting any money to work in June? Let me know below, a lot of options out there!


8 thoughts on “May 2019 Divcome

    1. Great question! Three reasons:
      1) really enjoy it (like a hobby)
      2) fairly good/lucky at it so far – I track this portfolio against indexes
      3) hold a lot in low cost etfs already through my employer retirement account, so this further diversifies

      Interesting to hear about that UK tax law, hopefully the US stays dividend stock tax friendly.

      Best regards.

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  1. 42.9% YoY increase? Are you kidding me, that’s awesome! Congrats!

    We are definitely putting more money to work in June. Hopefully we’ll cross the $2,000 dividend income per month milestone in June.


  2. Wow, 42% YoY growth is something to be proud of! You own some great companies there. CL and CAT are 2 that I don’t own but have been looking into. I also picked up MMM in May, a good buy in my opinion. Keep up the great work!

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    1. Greetings Dividend Savage! Like the name and thanks for the feedback. Yeah the 3M name has been fairly popular among bloggers. Let’s keep it going – ready to check out some June dividend income reports soon!



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