June 2019 Dividend Income

Pretty crazy swings in the market the last two months! The month of June finished out strong with a gain of around 7% in the US markets. This almost exactly makes up for the declines in May but looking back over the first half of the year the S&P is now up 17% already. If I had to bet, I’d say more volatility is ahead especially with the US elections coming up. However, being a long term investor, any talk of “correction” or even “bear market” should be expected and sticking to one’s plan is very important.

With that said, I’m looking forward to what July will bring and planning on making a purchase or two again if I see some value. Also, much of my investing is done automatically through my employment retirement plan which takes any uncertainty out of the picture. These funds are invested in low cost indexes and provide a way to gain exposure to the entire market.

Below is the dividend income received during last month: (Values are in USD)

ADM – 22.75

ALE – 23.50

AWK – 20.00

AWR – 13.75

CHD – 16.38

CVX – 23.80

D – 17.43

DFS – 6.40

EMR – 19.60

FLO – 19.00

GWRS – 3.58

IBM – 25.92

MCD – 24.36

MMM – 14.00

O – 10.17

PEP – 14.33

PLOW – 12.54

ROST – 7.14

SJM – 19.55

SO – 40.30

TGT – 41.60

UL – 25.53

UNP – 17.60

WMT – 14.84

WTR – 11.39

YUM – 5.88

YUMC – 1.68


June Total: $473.42

Total Companies: 27

Month Increase YoY: 11.8%

Company Watchlist: ABBV, AVGO, LOW, MMM, ROL, VTI, WDFC

June purchases:

20 – CVS @ $54.43 (existing position)

23 – LYB @ $79.69 (new position)

**Note on ABBV: they almost made it on the purchase list after their ~15% daily decline but my work kept me from researching more on the acquisition that day and the following days all saw gains of about 3% so never quite pulled the trigger on that one.

***After the CVS buy I removed them from my watchlist, although almost everything still remains on some sort of radar. May take a look again if it falls sub 50, but for now the position is complete considering the uncertainty around this sector.

The almost 12% increase from last year may not seem like a lot but this was almost all driven from organic dividend growth for this month’s YoY. In fact, by taking out the one new MMM addition to the list and compared to last June, the pure dividend growth rate was 8.4% for the portfolio. Which isn’t too bad for receiving a raise that involved doing nothing on my part!

What were your June dividend totals? Are you looking at putting any money to work in July? Let me know below!


8 thoughts on “June 2019 Dividend Income

    1. Greetings D&H! Same to you. Yeah PLOW is one of the few small caps I own and as long as it keeps snowing I think they should do well, may even add to the position if it comes down enough.


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