July 2019 Dividend Income

Welcome! Ready to start out the month of August and interested to see what last week’s decline in the markets bring as there are more opportunities now.

While the JAN, APR, JUL and NOV months are the lowest payout periods over here, it’s still surprising to see that income roll in like clockwork for doing practically nothing!

Below is the dividend income received during July: (Values are in USD)

AVGO – 13.25

BNS – 26.43

CAH – 16.84

FLIC – 17.85

GWRS – 3.58

ITW – 15.00

JJSF – 10.00

MKC – 11.40

MTN – 14.08

NJR – 19.01

O – 10.19

XEL – 20.25


July Totals: $177.88

Total Companies: 12

Month Increase YoY: 30.2%

August Watchlist: ABBV, AVGO, LOW, MMM, ROL, VTI

July Purchase:

12 shares – WDFC @ $158.44 (new position)

**Have been looking at owning a part of this company for years, and finally initiated this position even though it’s always been expensive. It’s what had to be done with the water utility companies purchased a few yrs back and will see how this one works out. I like that WDFC is everywhere (even the local Aldi stores), and seems like it could be a great possible acquisition target in the future.

Are you looking at putting any money to work in August? Let me know below!


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13 thoughts on “July 2019 Dividend Income

  1. Nice seeing you put up double digit year over year gains. Congrats. MKC is a name I wouldn’t mind adding one day to my own portfolio. Will wait for a better entry there. Keep up the good work.


    1. Thanks Divhut and greetings! You’re right about MKC, always seems to be expensive. Think it’s currently about a 3k position and wouldn’t mind adding some more myself at a lower price.



    1. Hey Bert, welcome! Thanks, yes made two purchase on the watchlist this month (MMM and ROL), and looking at adding a bank before the end of the month.



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