August 2019 Dividend Income

How about those earnings from Target! Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single day 20%+ increase in a company of that size after an earnings report. Hopefully some nice dividend increases will follow.

After the roller coaster markets of August, the S&P 500 ended being down about 1.8% for the month. I don’t know why, but thought it was much worse. I guess that comes from paying a little too much attention to daily market headlines and such.

Anyway, was excited to make three purchases and cross a nice round number in dividends for the first time during an off-month.

Below is the dividend income received during August: (Values are in USD)

ABBV – 48.15

ALLY – 10.20

APD – 13.92

CAT – 24.72

CL – 12.04

CLX – 16.96

CVS – 25.00

GIS – 61.25

GWRS – 3.58

O – 10.19

PG – 14.17

T – 33.15

WCN – 5.28

WRK – 22.75


August Totals: $301.36

Total Companies: 14

Month Increase YoY: 55.9%

September Watchlist: JNJ, MMM, SAFT, VTI, WM

August Purchases:

100 shares – KEY @ $15.83 (new position)

6 shares – MMM @ $162.79 (existing position)

60 shares – ROL @ $32.69 (new position)

**Busy month with these additions, but expecting to build up some dry powder during the coming months. With online savings accounts/money markets still paying >2%, it’s hard not to park money there while also reducing equity exposure. Will be interesting to see if interest rates keep falling though. Right now my next purchase is a tie between the ever expensive and elusive WM (recession-proof right!?), and JNJ. Hard to believe I’ve never owned JNJ before but could see a position starting if the yield gets into the 3%+ range.

Really pumped to have crossed the 300 mark in August. Feels like an end of quarter month now. Are you looking at putting any money to work in September or building up cash reserves? Let me know below!


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12 thoughts on “August 2019 Dividend Income

  1. Nice div

    A great month and a bunch of cash put to work. jnj and wm are 2 great companies for sure. Jnj seems really tempting these days.

    keep it up


  2. Divcome – what an awesome month. Congratulations on the progress right there! Also – holy purchases. That’s how you add a lot of dividend income right there. Key is a great bank in my hometown. So I obviously love the purchase.



    1. Thanks Bert! Nice to hear KEY is held in high regard over there – still has a nice yield with the recent price run up! Missed the ex div date for September but the Dec payout will be nice.

      Have a good one!



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