September 2019 Dividend Income


Well, the S&P 500 ended being up about 1.7% for the month. However, October is already off to a rocky start, and I’d be surprised if the volatility in the markets goes away for the rest of the year. It sure keeps things interesting.

September marked an important milestone in dividends for the portfolio… finally crossing the $500 mark!

This was a long time coming, and represents a lot of work.

I remember working at a job when I was younger making $6 an hour for a company. And would have had to clock in more than 85 hrs of time to receive that same amount in dividends this month. That’s more than two weeks right there, it’s pretty crazy.

Very fortunate to have discovered the benefits of having ones money work for them verse the other way around.

Below is the dividend income received during September: (Values are in USD)

ADM – 22.75

ALE – 23.50

AWK – 20.00

AWR – 15.25

CHD – 16.38

CVX – 23.80

D – 17.43

DFS – 7.04

EMR – 19.60

FLO – 19.00

GWRS – 3.58

IBM – 25.92

LYB – 24.15

MCD – 24.36

MMM – 23.04

O – 10.19

PEP – 14.33

PLOW – 12.54

ROST – 7.14

SJM – 20.24

SO – 40.30

TGT – 42.90

UL – 25.22

UNP – 19.40

WMT – 14.84

WTR – 12.18

YUM – 5.88

YUMC – 1.68


September Totals: $512.64

Total Companies: 28

Month Increase YoY: 19.7%

October Watchlist: FDX, JNJ, MMM, SAFT, VTI, WM

September Purchase(s):

20 shares – WM @ $115.16 (new position)

**This purchase added $41.00 to yearly dividend income. Sure wouldn’t mind WM to keep falling from these levels. While this company is still expensive, I wanted to get a position started with plans to add if it falls around 10% below the purchase price. I can see this being a top 5 position eventually in the portfolio although the yield is a bit low at around 1.8% currently.

Looking forward to what the next month will bring. Let me know below if you plan on putting any money to work in October and thanks for reading!


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10 thoughts on “September 2019 Dividend Income

  1. Hi Divcome
    Very robust businesses in your portfolio with great potential for further growth. Glad to have you as fellow shareholder in companies like PEP, SJM, MMM etc.
    I can remember as well, when I was younger, making less than USD 1‘000 per month. And today, that amount comes in as passive income. Practically automatically. It‘s wonderful, to have to some extent money working for us instead of the other way around.
    Keep it up and all the best.


    1. Hey Financial Shaper!
      Thank you and so true about the passive income working for us. Looking forward to the growth in these shared companies. Have a great day!



  2. Sweet congrats on hitting the 500 mark. Now 600 is the next mark.

    Gotta love the progress and hitting new highs!

    nice watchlist and purchase of WM.

    keep it up


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