October 2019 Dividend Income & Recent Buys

Happy November and hope you had a nice Halloween πŸŽƒ After a busy week of earnings, the S&P 500 ended being up about 2.1% for the month. And with markets closing at all-time highs, it can be harder to find places to put money to work. However, given the new 0% commission fees offered by many of the online brokerages, I celebrated by making more purchases than usual. I feel this is a great way to better dollar cost average into any new company or fund.

Below is the dividend income received during October: (Values are in USD)

AVGO – 13.25

BNS – 27.49

CAH – 16.84

FLIC – 18.90

GWRS – 3.58

ITW – 16.05

JJSF – 10.00

MKC – 11.40

MTN – 14.08

NJR – 20.31

O – 10.22

XEL – 20.25


October Dividend Totals: $182.37

Total Companies: 12

Month Increase YoY: 29.5%

November Watchlist: CLX, DAL, JNJ, SAFT, VTI, WM, XYL


October Purchase(s):

12 shares – FDX @ $139.25 (new position)

4 shares – IBM @ $135.07 (existing position)

6 shares – MMM @ $151.96 (existing position)

25 shares – NJR @ $43.68 (existing position)

5 shares – SAFT @ $96.05 (new position)

7 shares – WM @ $111.30 (existing position)

**I added below each purchase a max view stock chart taken at the end of the month for each of these companies. The screenshots are from google and provide a brief overview and some extra details. These (6) purchases added $155.28 to yearly dividend income.


Let me know below if you plan on putting any money to work in November and what stocks/funds you are watching! Thanks for reading!



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