November 2019 Dividend Income & Recent Buys

Greetings! Can’t believe there’s one month left to go in 2019, and looking to finish out the year strong. The markets continued their roll again with the S&P 500 being up about 3.4% for the month. This is a great time to review investment allocations to make sure they still reflect your personal risk tolerance and goals. I’m expecting those inevitable market declines and preparing to stick with the plan.

Below is the dividend income received during November: (Values are in USD)

ABBV – 48.15

ALLY – 10.20

APD – 13.92

CAT – 24.72

CL – 12.04

CLX – 16.96

CVS – 25.00

GIS – 61.25

GWRS – 3.58

O – 10.22

PG – 14.17

T – 33.15

WCN – 6.11


November Dividend Totals: $279.47

Total Companies: 13

Month Increase YoY: 37.1%

December Watchlist: DAL, IBM, JNJ, VTI, WM

November Purchase(s):

3 shares – CLX @ $146.28 (existing position)

7 shares – NWN @ $65.90 (new position)

6 shares – WM @ $110.16 (existing position)

5 shares – XYL @ $78.20 (new position)

3 shares – YUM @ $98.14 (existing position)

**Below each purchase is a max view stock chart taken at the end of the month for each of these companies. The screenshots are from Google Finance and provide a quick overview with some extra metrics. These (5) purchases added $48.22 to yearly dividend income.

Let me know below if you plan on putting any money to work in December and what you are watching! Thanks for reading!


“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” -Buddha

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