December 2019 Dividend Income & Recent Buys

Happy new year 2020! We made it. Looking forward to making this year the best one yet.

The markets continued their roll yet again this month. With the S&P 500 being up about 28.9%, and the DOW finishing up about 22.3% for the year. Using this neat little calculator I just found here (that factors out contributions), the brokerage account achieved a decent 29.1% return in 2019. This is a good estimate, however it factors out contributions evenly throughout the year instead of by date. So I think it would be closer to 30-31% as most of the contributions were made at the end of the year (eg. factoring out all contributions at the end of the year yields a higher 32% return). Anyways, since my brain hasn’t hurt this much since the Calculus III days, I’m willing to call this one more or less a tie with the S&P 500 index I track.

It’s interesting to note that AAPL and MSFT accounted for nearly 15% of the S&P 500’s large gain this year. While I don’t hold these names directly, I do through my work’s 401k plan index funds (these funds don’t disclose dividends so I can’t include them here in these reports). Makes me think though that they aren’t as diversified as I thought.

For instance, my favorite index, VTI through Vanguard, lists below that just the top 10 names (out of the nearly 3600 other individual names held) are almost 20% of total assets:

Again, just something to keep in mind. But this is probably the main reason I don’t go the index only approach, and instead hold many individual positions as well to better diversify.

Below is the dividend income received during December: (Values are in USD)

ADM – 22.75

ALE – 23.50

AVGO – 16.25

AWK – 20.00

AWR – 15.25

CHD – 16.38

CVX – 23.80

D – 17.43

DFS – 7.04

EMR – 20.00

FLO – 19.00

GWRS – 3.62

IBM – 32.40

KEY – 18.50

LYB – 24.15

MCD – 26.25

MMM – 31.68

O – 10.22

PLOW – 12.54

ROST – 7.14

ROL* – 9.30

SAFT – 4.50

SJM – 20.24

SO – 40.30

TGT – 42.90

UL – 24.84

UNP – 19.40

WM – 20.50

WRK – 23.25

WTR – 12.18

XYL – 1.20

YUM – 7.14

YUMC – 1.68


December Dividend Totals: $595.33

Total Companies: 33 (positions marked “*” are held in an IRA)

Month Increase YoY: 47.7%

January Watchlist: DAL, JNJ, VTI

December Purchase(s):

110 shares – AQN @ $14.21 (new position)

60 shares – AQN @ $14.08 (now existing position)

Note: Not exactly sure what data Google Finance is referencing for AQN here, but I think the P/E ratio is <20, Div yield is 4%, and Mkt cap is around 7.5B. That being said, I came across this company in a report that they are buying assets from one of my favorite holdings AWK. Was pretty surprised I hadn’t heard of this company before.

2 shares – BA @ $327.92 (new position)

Note: Still haven’t decided if I want to make this a full position or not, but may add a couple shares here and there if it keeps falling from these levels. Feel this one may have a ways to go yet and will require some patience.

3 shares – D @ $80.92 (existing position)

7 shares – WM @ $111.75 (existing position)

**Below each purchase is a max view chart taken at the end of the month for each of these companies. The screenshots are from Google Finance and provide a quick overview with some extra metrics. These (5) purchases added $138.86 to yearly dividend income.

Let me know below if you plan on putting any money to work in January and what you are watching in the markets – thanks for reading!


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25 thoughts on “December 2019 Dividend Income & Recent Buys

  1. Happy New Year Divcome! Congrats on an awesome month to close out the year! Nearly $600 in dividends plus a near 30% return is fantastic! Looking forward to see what this year has in store! Keep up the great work!:)


    1. Thanks and happy new year to you as well Dynasty! The year really closed out strong, which was a nice change from last December haha. Pumped for whatever 2020 brings – LETS GO!!



  2. Looks like a great December for you. Over $550 in dividends and a good amount of capital put to work. You’ve got to love adding nearly $140 to your forward dividends in one month. WM is a company I owned in the past and foolishly sold at about 40% of the current share price. That was a stupid mistake. My YOC if I had continued to hold the shares would be up over 7% by now. It’s too expensive for me to add here, but I hope to rectify that past mistake sometime in the future.


    1. Hey JC! Yeah tried to go out with a bang for the year. Looking to break records in 2020. I hear you on WM, that YOC would be insane. Hoping it falls too, will be buying along the way as it is expensive at current levels. I used to own AAPL and sold in ‘13 when I was just starting investing. I regret that a bit haha. Def a learning experience!



      1. Ha! I have plenty of investing mistakes. I almost bought some shares of Apple back after Jobs announced his first leave of absence. I was gearing up to go on and make the purchase, but then got laid off. After that I figured cash in the hand was more valuable. That was a big mistake. I knew nothing about investing at the time other than the very basics. 2,300% later and here I am still grinding away! $1k would be $24k now plus the dividends it’s paid out and the YOC would be like 64%. Ooops!


      2. Ahh that’s too bad! Thanks for sharing that – I’ll try to remember next time I’m debating about a purchase! I think you totally made the right decision at the time, u never know what’s going to be the next Trillion dollar company 🙂


  3. Hey Divcome
    I wish you a fantastic NEW YEAR!
    December and the whole year 2019 clearly has been massively successful and your dividend income is very robust. My December dividend income has grown above USD 500 too and I am planning to put some more money to work. I think I will top up some of my positions such as Royal Dutch Shell, British American Tobacco and Imperial Brands as well as British Insurer AVIVA.
    Looking forward to reading your next moves and all the best!
    Financial Shaper


    1. Hi Financial Shaper! Same to you – wishing you the best in 2020. That’s awesome to be above the 500 mark. Nice you’ve got a plan set up. I’ve been hearing a lot about RDS and the energy sector in general, off to a good start already this year, will have to keep an eye on that one!

      Have a good one and keep it going-


    1. Hey Desidividend! Thanks a lot. Yeah looking at adding to BA this month too, I think the risk/reward is there at these levels. Good value in picking up GD, may have to add that to my watchlist as I know others have been buying that name as well.



  4. Amazing progress in terms of dividend amount, growth and purchases. You’re doing a great job. You also got paid by companies of which I haven’t heard before. Thanks, I’ll dive into those ones. I’m sure 2020 will be another big year for you!


  5. nice divcome

    Great buys. I own algonquin and its done very well for us. wm is one ive always wanted, but hoping it drops a little more.

    A very good dividend month and growth, keep it up!


    1. Thanks man. Great to be a fellow shareholder in aqn, I’m a little late to the game with this one but do like it a lot. Have a nice month and will try to keep it going!



    1. Hey – awesome! Yeah most come from either finance or engineering fields (definitely helps the path to FI). With markets at all time highs, I like your better diversified rental income approach combo. Hopefully my dividends stay consistent/grow through next recession haha. Keep at it man!



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