January 2020 Dividend Income & Recent Buys

The first month of the new year is already in the books! It’s crazy, seemed like it really flew by. Looking forward to try and break some records this year. LET’S GO!!

Below is the dividend income received during January: (Values are in USD)

AQN – 23.97

BNS – 27.25

CAH – 16.84

FDX* – 7.84

FLIC – 18.90

GWRS – 3.62

ITW – 16.05

JJSF – 11.50

MKC – 12.40

MTN – 14.08

NJR – 28.13

O – 10.24

PEP – 14.33

PEP* – 22.02

WDFC* – 8.09

WMT – 14.84

XEL – 20.25


January Dividend Totals: $270.35

Total Companies: 16 (positions marked “*” are held in an IRA)

Month Increase YoY: 53.1%

February Watchlist: AVGO, CSCO, DAL, EMN, JNJ, KDP, SNA, VTI

January Purchase(s):

4 shares – BA @ $320.76 (existing position)

Well, I didn’t find too much that stood out during the month. Was surprised this was the lone purchase, and will admit this one is on the more risky side. However, things were just starting to get good in the markets at the end of the month so expecting February to be busier.

**Below the purchase is a max view chart taken at the end of the month. The screenshot is from Google Finance and provides a quick overview with some extra metrics. This (1) purchase added $32.88 to yearly dividend income.

Let me know below if you plan on putting any money to work in February and what you are watching in the markets – thanks for reading!


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13 thoughts on “January 2020 Dividend Income & Recent Buys

  1. Hey Divcome,

    Looks like our January Totals were pretty close, I finished the month with $265.56 in dividends. My investment strategy is pretty simple, lets the markets do it’s thing and consistently invest capital to maintain my asset allocation.

    -DGX Capital


    1. Hey DGX Capital! Nice job with that total. Like the strategy – to let the market do the heavy lifting. Keep things going and you’ll be breaking records left and right.



    1. Thanks Mr Robot, hoping to get things going and knock off some records here. That’s odd to only share three names hah, but companies that pay first quarter months seem to be rare!



    1. Hey Lanny, thank u and appreciate it! Have been extra busy this month with purchases and ready for some more divvy increases. Keep at it over there!



  2. Divcome, Nice start to 2020 with over 50% growth. Keep that up and you’ll be breaking records for sure. I shared ITW, O and PEP with you in January.


    1. Hey Engineering Dividends! Thanks, it was a wild month. Looking forward to catching up on yours and other blogger’s reports later today!



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