July 2020 Dividend Income & Recent Buys

Hello and welcome! This Summer has been going by fast. The anticipated rug pull ended up being a magic carpet ride for the stock market. And the month of July was no exception.

(Photo credit NYSE: DIS)

The continued build up of cash remained this month for a possible housing/investment property later this year, so the cash position is now at all time highs along with the equity balances.

However, contributions to retirement accounts like the 401k stayed constant as it’s best not to time the markets and remain fully invested per your risk tolerance for the long term.

So let’s take a look at July. The reports following quarter-end months are typically the lowest due to the amount of companies paying out for these months.

Below is the dividend income received during July: (Values are in USD) 

ADP – 11.38

AQN – 26.37

BNS – 26.94

CAH – 17.01

CSCO – 7.20

ECL – 1.41

FDX* – 7.91

FLIC – 18.90

GWRS – 3.62

ITW – 16.05

JJSF – 11.50

KMB – 4.28

MKC – 12.40

NJR – 28.13

O – 10.51

SYK – 2.88

WDFC* – 8.15

XEL – 21.50


July Dividend Totals: $236.59

Total Companies: 18 (positions marked “*” are held in an IRA) 

Month Increase YoY: 33.0%

July Purchase(s):

Below each purchase is a max view chart taken on the last day of the month. The screenshots are from Google Finance and include some extra metrics on the buys.

5 shares – NWN @ $52.41 (existing position)

3 shares – ADP @ $132.75 (existing position)

These (2) purchases added $20.46 to yearly dividend income. 

In total, $660 from built up dividends was deployed in the month for the purchases.

July Sale(s):

Ahh my least favorite category returned again the month. Hard to see some of these companies go. But they are as follows…

60 shares – ROL @ 50.92 (sold out)

12 shares – FDX @ 172.63 (sold out)

35 shares – CAH @ 55.15 (sold out)

100 shares – KEY @ 11.87 (sold out)

In total, $8281 in cash was generated from these (4) sales.

The sales were made for the primary purpose of building up a down payment on a possible house/investment property this year.

Looking forward to start aggressively buying into the equity markets again… Hopefully soon.

Thanks for reading and have a great month! 


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6 thoughts on “July 2020 Dividend Income & Recent Buys

  1. Looks like great progress Divcome, based on that 33% YoY growth.
    Hopefully, you registered some gains with those sales. That’s a nice chunk of change to add to your down payment.
    I love the ADP add. I’ve been adding ADP, too. You secured your shares at a nice price, too.


    1. Hey Engineering Div,
      Thanks! Yeah progress was made but looking like some YoYs next year may be negative due to the sales. Will see.

      Ended up with with a nice few hundred $ “tax write off” on the KEY sale. Not sure why I purchased that one in the first place. CAH was a very slight gain with dividends included, but after holding for a few years not ideal. Had a nice gain with ROL and FDX, but really wish I hadnt sold Fedex now as it cracked $200/share today. Usually why I never like selling..🤦‍♂️

      Planning to keep adding to ADP and like how the price is staying lower to allow for this.

      All the best and have a great week!


    1. Thanks Divhut! Yeah I’ll take double digit growth any day, hope to see how far this can go in the next year with the cuts and sales! Will try to keep the buying up.


  2. The basis of my current plan is that I am trying to save enough money to be able to live off half of the interest, plus the rental income of the estate. I hope everything will be ok.


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