April 2021 Dividend Income

Greetings and welcome to this month’s brief report.

Below is the dividend income received during April: (Values are in USD)

ADP – 14.88

AQN – 26.37

BNS – 29.11

CSCO – 12.95

ECL – 4.32

ITW – 17.10

JJSF – 11.50

KMB – 10.70

MKC – 13.60

MRK – 8.45

NJR – 29.93

O – 10.58

SYK – 3.15

TMO – 2.34

WDFC* – 8.83

WMT – 22.00

XEL – 24.25


April Dividend Totals: $250.76

Total Payouts: 17 (tickers marked “*” are held in an IRA)

Month Increase YoY: 6.5%


We will see if the old adage “sell in May and go away” comes true this year, but looking forward to Buying The Dip out of any future drops in the market.




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4 thoughts on “April 2021 Dividend Income

  1. Totally with you on the buy the dips. I recently picked up some Canadian National Railway on the dip. Congrats on your dividend income this month.


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