May 2021 Dividend Income

Greetings and welcome to Summer ☀️

This report is getting out a little late here for last month, but had to keep the monthly post streak alive… Markets have been hitting ATHs just about every day now as I’ve forgotten what a correction even feels like. Nothing like adding a >10% decline to the old net worth spreadsheet, eventually, right…

Below is the dividend income received during May: (Values are in USD)

AB* – 17.82

ABBV – 58.50

ABT – 2.70

ALLY – 11.40

APD – 18.00

CAT – 24.72

CL – 12.60

CLX – 31.08

CVS – 25.00

GIS – 63.75

LOW – 9.00

NWN – 28.80

O – 10.58

PG – 17.40

REYN – 5.75

T – 33.80

T* – 59.61

WCN – 6.77


May Dividend Totals: $437.28

Total Payouts: 18 (dividends marked “*” are held in an IRA)

Month Increase YoY: 23.6%


Recent Buys:

It was a busier than average month for portfolio movement.

The two main buys below were made to gain exposure in both the technology and financial services sectors.

15 shares – ACN (new position)

Accenture All Time Chart

25 shares – NDAQ (new position)

Nasdaq “the company” All Time Chart

Other misc smaller buys include purchases of WTRG, LOW, ECL, and SOFI. Hate to keep cash on the sidelines but I’d like to think the Fed will start raising interest rates sooner rather than later. Imagine how nice it would be to get an easy 2+% in savings/money markets right now. But I feel a lot of money would leave the equity markets as a result.

Thoughts on T…

Following recent events by management in May, I’ve sold the T position held in the brokerage and the remaining shares held in the IRA will most likely go later this year. Without the HBO Max catalyst, I see no reason to hold T directly with their track record of buying companies just to spin off again approach.

I’ve always treated T like a bond holding in the portfolio, but having a high yielder in a brokerage account was never really tax efficient anyway.

It’s been nice to free up the cash from this. And the proceeds from the sale that were put into the ACN and NDAQ buys have already made more than 5+ yrs of holding T. However, I see some negative YoYs in the monthly dividend income on the horizon as a result.

The journey to financial freedom continues.




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