June 2021 Dividend Income

Welcome to this month’s report.

Summer days are in full swing. And so is the stock market. Really firing on all cylinders lately.

Some “technical analysis” on the market

Stonks have only been going up, which has been somewhat surprising to watch unfold. Starting to get that nice exponential curve going in the S&P.

‘Inflation is ✨transitory✨’ – J Powell

I am still prepared if we ever see a correction or worse in the markets again. But it’s been a fun ride.

Below is the dividend income received during June: (Values are in USD)

ADM – 24.05

ALE – 25.20

AVGO – 36.00

AWK – 48.20

AWR – 18.43

CHD – 26.51

DFS – 20.24

ESGV – 9.02

JNJ – 53.00

MCD – 27.09

MMM – 37.00

MSFT – 14.00

NDAQ – 13.50

NEE – 5.78

O – 10.58

PEP – 21.50

PEP* – 21.63

PLOW – 13.11

RDSB* – 10.10

ROST – 7.98

SCL – 6.71

SJM – 27.00

SJW – 23.80

SO – 42.90

TGT – 44.20

UNP – 21.40

UL – 30.95

VTI* – 11.66

WM – 29.33

WMT – 22.00

WTRG – 15.04

YUM – 8.50


June Dividend Totals: $726.41

Total Payouts: 32 (tickers marked “*” are held in an IRA)

Month Increase YoY: -5.8%


Another month in the books. The dividend total was slightly lower YoY due to some companies paying out in different months along with removing a few positions from last year for hopefully better growth prospects.

Total net worth for the month came in with a better 39% increase YoY, which is a higher priority at the moment. It definitely helps when markets are hitting ATHs everyday, as compounding is starting to take over.

The journey to financial freedom continues. But starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.




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4 thoughts on “June 2021 Dividend Income

    1. Greetings SDGrowth,
      Yeah have been pumped by the recent div increases lately. TGT too at around 32%. Really wish I would have bought more DFS last year, and I feel WTRG is going to break out to the upside after earnings.


  1. Congrats on a solid month even if it was a slight downtick from last year. TGT raise sure was a nice surprise and very much welcomed.


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