June 2022 Dividend Income & Recent Buys

Welcome to this month’s report. ☀️

Can’t believe it’s already mid July, the time has been going by so fast lately from being so busy with work. Looking forward to slowing things down a bit with financial independence one day.

Well, the heat of summer is picking up, with inflation just coming in over 9%, and markets are all down about 20% so far this year.

Portfolio values have not been spared. As everything has pretty much been declining these past few months. On the bright side, this has created opportunity to add to some holdings during the summer.

Not sure how long this will last, but these declines are a normal part of investing. And definitely a learning experience for myself as an investor.

Maybe when the Fed officials sold all their stock holdings end of last year while saying inflation will just be a minor blip/no need to raise rates 🤡 we should’ve taken a hint. But unless you’re the ones actually making the decisions (like the Fed and congress) market timing can be really difficult and is better left to the ‘professionals’…

Best to just DCA into investments and ride the market waves 🌊 🏄‍♂️

June Dividends:

Below is the dividend income received during June: (Values are in USD)

ADM – 26.00

AVGO – 45.10

AWK – 55.20

AWR – 20.08

CHD – 27.56

DFS – 27.60

ESGV – 55.55

JNJ – 56.50

KLAC – 16.80

LAND* – 4.57

MCD – 28.98

MMM – 29.80

MSFT – 23.56

NDAQ – 15.00

NEE – 11.48

O – 11.12

PEP – 23.00

PEP* – 23.77

PSX* – 21.57

ROST – 8.68

SJW – 21.60

SO – 44.20

STE – 6.02

TGT – 58.50

UNP – 26.00

V – 12.75

VTI* – 13.10

WCN – 7.59

WM – 36.40

WTRG – 24.14

WWE* – 2.04

YUM – 9.69

ZTS – 6.83


June Dividend Total: $800.60

Total Payouts: 33 (positions marked “*” are held in an IRA)

Month Increase YoY: 10.2%


Just breaking the 800 amount again, with recording the second highest value ever in a month.

The portfolio is finally cycling through a very slight reorg from last year so going forward records should be more easily broken and higher total YoY dividend increases.

Hoping to cross $1k in a month soon.

April – mid July Purchases:

Here are the recent buys made over the last few months. These are mostly adding shares for specific portfolio allocation. Lots of factors go into investing, including one’s own personal timeline, risk tolerances, goals, and other assets, etc.

In no particular order…

3 MSFT @ $259

7 AAPL @ 134

4 DIS @ 92

5 Awk @ 133

7 NVDA @ 148

7 WM @ 149

6 INTU @ 364

25 MU @ 57

5 DHR @ 241

Also got the cash position down to 10% from 20% from buying index funds in the employment retirement account during the last couple months. Hoping to bring this down to near 0% in the coming months if we get the next leg down.

And finally, finished out with a couple regular index purchases in a brokerage account.

Portfolio Top 13 Individual Holdings:

  • American Water Works Co Inc (AWK)
  • Church & Dwight Co Inc (CHD)
  • Microsoft Corp (MSFT)
  • Target Corp (TGT)
  • Waste Management Inc (WM)
  • Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)
  • General Mills (GIS)
  • Visa Inc (V)
  • Abbvie Inc (ABBV)
  • PepsiCo Inc (PEP)
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO)
  • Lowe’s Companies Inc (LOW)
  • Broadcom Inc (AVGO)

Surprisingly all the same names, with the big news being the haircut TGT took the last couple months dropping it down 4 spots. However they have followed up with a strong 20% dividend increase so no concerns for now.

Despite my best efforts, GIS keeps creeping up in the rankings as they have been one of the few names holding up so well. Guess I’m just going to have to accept that…

This list does not scream growth by any means, but it has held up pretty well and provides some peace of mind at least.

Will try to get at least one new name into the list next time.

I remember reading an article earlier about this being the worst start for a year in the markets for the last 50 years. So this kind of volatility has been difficult and rare, but hopefully it is best for the long term.

Anyones guess where we go from here, but I’m looking at buying all the way down, wherever that may be. Here’s hoping it was mid June already!

As always, thank you for reading 🐂


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