April 2020 Dividend Income & Recent Buys

Can’t believe it’s May already! After the steep declines in the last report, it was the opposite for April. It was nice to finally get a month of gains in the books. Patience goes a long way in these uncertain times. And the motivation is as strong as ever to reach financial freedom!

Below is the dividend income received during April: (Values are in USD) 

ADP – 10.01

AQN – 23.97

BNS – 25.72

CAH – 16.84

CSCO – 7.20

FDX* – 7.87

GWRS – 3.62

ITW – 16.05

JJSF – 11.50

MKC – 12.40

MTN – 14.08

NJR – 28.13

O – 10.49

SYK – 2.88

WDFC* – 8.12

WMT – 15.12

XEL – 21.50


April Dividend Totals: $235.50

Total Companies: 17 (positions marked “*” are held in an IRA) 

Month Increase YoY: 60.5%

April Purchase(s):

Below each purchase is a max view chart taken on the last day of the month. The screenshots are from Google Finance and include some extra metrics on the buys. 

3 shares – EC@ $174.21 (new position)

4 shares – IBM @ $119.56 (existing position)

13 shares – DFS @ $36.78 (existing position)

17 shares – T @ $29.98 (existing position)

10 shares – SJW @ $58.86 (new position)

10 shares – TJX @ $48.25 (new position)

1 share – BA @ $128.47 (existing position)

These (7) purchases added $110 to yearly dividend income. 

The month of April had some impressive gains, but was still able to deploy some more cash into these markets. It is a tough environment out there, and a few companies in the portfolio have either reduced or suspended their dividends.

So far this list includes: ROL, RDSB, BA, and MTN. Will continue to hold these, and perhaps even add to a couple in moderation at the right levels. Still waiting to see what happens to some of the dividends in the financial sector. But for the most part, everything has been holding up well. Dividend income remains strong and increasing from organic growth and new purchases. Will continue to try and put some cash to work in May.

Let me know below what you’re watching in the markets – thanks for reading and have a great month! 


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