August 2020 Dividend Income & Recent Buys

Welcome to September! 📈😎📉😱

The journey to financial freedom continues.

We just had a pretty decent “red” day here in the US to start the month. Kinda forgot about those and will see how things develop in September.

Honestly, we are probably due for a nice size correction as valuations have been rising like crazy.

Will stick to the plan with a couple buys here and there, and see how things go riding out any market volatility.

Below is the dividend income received during August: (Values are in USD) 

ABBV – 53.10

ABT – 2.16

ALLY – 11.40

APD – 16.08

CAT – 24.72

CL – 12.32

CLX – 21.09

CVS – 25.00

GIS – 61.25

GWRS – 3.62

LOW – 8.25

NWN – 10.51

O – 10.51 (oddly the same amount as NWN…)

PG – 15.02

T – 33.80

T* – 46.46

WCN – 6.11


August Dividend Totals: $361.40

Total Companies: 16 (positions marked “*” are held in an IRA) 

Month Increase YoY: 19.9%

August Purchase(s):

Below each purchase is a max view chart taken on the last day of the month. The screenshots are from Google Finance and include some extra metrics on the buys.

4 shares – CSCO @ $41.99 (existing position)

4 shares – WTRG @ $42.65 (existing position)

5 shares – AWR @ $74.69 (existing position)

These (3) purchases added a whopping $16.48 to yearly dividend income. 

In total, $711 was deployed in the month for the purchases.

Again, like last month, would like to allocate more capital than this into the equity markets, but looking like end of Nov-Dec.

No new news in the housing / investment property hunt; as demand far outpacing supply makes it a little difficult. At least the down payment stash keeps rising.

Thank you for reading and have a great month! ðŸ¦œ



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