March 2020 Dividend Income & Recent Buys

Goodbye March πŸ‘‹ Hello to April and a fresh start! Hope you all are staying safe and healthy out there. This was a tough month, especially with everything going on. Stay strong and positive – we can make it through this!

Back to the financial-side of the report, below is the dividend income received during March: (Values are in USD) 

ADM – 23.40

ALE – 24.70

AVGO – 22.75

AWK – 20.00

AWR – 15.25

BA – 12.33

CHD – 17.28

CVX – 25.80

D – 20.68

DFS – 7.92

EMR – 20.00

FLIC – 18.90

FLO – 19.00

GILD – 10.20

GWRS – 3.62

IBM – 32.40

KEY – 18.50

KHC – 20.00

LYB – 24.15

MCD – 26.25

MMM – 32.34

O – 10.46

PEP – 14.33

PEP* – 22.17

PLOW – 12.88

ROST – 7.98

RDSB* – 24.44

ROL* – 7.23

SAFT – 4.50

SJM – 20.24

SO – 40.30

TGT – 42.90

UL – 24.84

UNP – 19.40

VTI* – 10.43

WCN – 6.11

WM – 21.80

WTR – 12.18

XOM – 21.75

XYL – 1.30

YUM – 7.99

YUMC – 1.68


March Dividend Totals: $750.38

Total Companies: 41 (positions marked β€œ*” are held in an IRA) 

Month Increase YoY: 62.9%

March Purchase(s):

Hold on – this section is crazy long. Tried to make at least one purchase every down day, and there were a lot of down days… The plan is to average into some of the newer positions, with smaller amounts invested to not go “all in” right away. The zero fees on purchases definitely helps with this approach.

Below each purchase is a max view chart taken on the last day of the month. These screenshots are from Google Finance and include some extra metrics on the buys. 

Let’s get things rolling here…

5 shares – WM @ $99.46 (existing position)

5 shares – WM @ $95.35 (existing position)

2 shares – AWK @ $133.21 (existing position)

2 shares – AWK @ $119.32 (existing position)

3 shares – MMM @ $147.77 (existing position)

17 shares – CSCO @ $37.94 (existing position)

7 shares – ADP @ $149.75 (existing position)

2 shares – ADP @ 120.67 (existing position)

5 shares – SYK @ $176.21 (new position)

10 shares – DFS @ $54.60 (existing position)

8 shares – SAFT @ 73.75 (existing position)

2 shares – FDS @ 260.70 (new position)

6 shares – ZTS @ 132.71 (new position)

6 shares – ABT @ 77.62 (new position)

1 share – AVGO @ 208.28 (existing position)

5 shares – JKHY @ 148.07 (new position)

7 shares – VTI @ 139.53 (existing position)

10 shares – LOW @ 85.75 (new position)

5 shares – LOW @ 66.61 (existing position)

3 shares – NEE @ 183.06 (new position)

5 shares – JNJ @ 115.39 (new position)

5 shares – JNJ @ 125.28 (existing position)

(finally bought JNJ – yay!)

These (16) purchases added $310 to yearly dividend income. 

After the dust settled, $12,524 tried it’s best to keep the accounts from another month of declines. But the market had other plans. Attempted to stay away from the more risky names out there this month to keep dividend growth strong, and to focus on quality companies.

Would not be surprised if the market’s March lows were retested in April, but it’s really anyone’s guess how long this lasts. Going forward, the plan remains intact: to try and consistently add every month. Got to keep that long term view and be patient.

Really pumped to have crossed the 750 mark in dividends for the month, previous highest month was in the 500 range yet. It’s crazy how fast it is growing.

Let me know below what you are watching in the markets – thanks for reading! 



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15 thoughts on “March 2020 Dividend Income & Recent Buys

    1. Greetings! Vanguard is the online broker of choice, but many online banks and brokers offer similar services. In the US there is no fees on buying stocks. It used to be $5-7 a trade. Hope other countries follow this as it helps out a lot with building positions!



  1. Wow you sure have been keeping yourself busy with all these dividend payments and dividend purchses. Congrats! Love your Cisco and ABT purchase.


    1. Hey Tawcan- thanks. For sure following these markets has been a handful! I’ve been pleased with both csco and abt, looking to add more to these names in the future. Have a great month!



  2. Nice portfolio. Since BA suspended their dividend, will you continue to hold your shares? The CEO said he didn’t know when the company will resume the dividend, but it will NOT be soon, he stated at the virtual shareholder meeting.

    Any interest in the highly touted RTX? Looking to hear soon about their dividend policy.


    1. Thanks mingyesun. Yeah will continue holding BA w/o the dividend. Might even add a share or two every couple quarters to avg down. Glad it wasn’t too large a position to begin with, and went into it knowing it would require patience and long term view.

      A lot of moving parts with RTX and yes looking to hear about their div policy as well. For now I’m staying with just BA in this space so will see what happens with RTX first.

      Thanks for the comment.


  3. Hey! Looks like a solid month report with those divvy increases, inspiring stuff – keep it up man. Now is a difficult time, and I hope that there will be no loss!


    1. Hey John. Thank you and glad you liked the report. It’s crazy how fast the markets have rebounded in April so far, so wasn’t able to buy as much as I wanted this month. Here’s hoping the financials are able to keep their divs intact – some very tempting yields in that space.



    1. Hello Inv3st, welcome to the blog. Rome wasn’t built in day. It takes a lot of time and consistent adding to finally get to these levels. Great goal to have, wishing you the best.

      Liked by 1 person

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